For better sharpening you knives, we recommend you to use a Sharpening Guide.
The guide is designed to help maintain the correct angle for sharpening knives when sharpening with a whetstone.
Any time you remove the guide rail from your knife, rinse and clean it thoroughly to remove any residue from the stone that may remain inside the guide rail.

<How to use the guide>
The guide slides onto the spine of the knife to keep your angle constant when sharpening on a stone as shown in the following videos (example),

To further insure that no residue remains, it is recommended that you pull a clean towel through the guide rail after rinsing.
If you fail to remove the entire residue from the guide rail, the residue may scratch the knife the next time the guide rail is used.

Works great and has a white slip strip to make for easy use and prevents you from scratching or gouging your stones.
We recommend you put some painter’s tape on your knife to avoid minor scratches when slipping the sharpening guide on and off your knife.

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