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For Sale While Stock Lasts ! — Kanetsune Aogami Damascus Kurouchi Knives

Damascus kitchen knives with Kurouchi texture made of Aogami steel are very rare. One of them is the Kanetsune KC-930 Series. But we regret to announce to you that  … the Beautiful Kanetsune Aogami Damascus Kurouchi Knives are in a limited quantity, and that the products is for sale while stock last ! KANETSUNE “Kuro-Tsuchime” …

Why is Aogami Super not very used in yanagiba?

A customer gave us a good question about Sushi/Sashimi knives. “Excuse my for a second mail . I forgot something. Why aogami super is not very used in yanagiba – kiritsuke knives ( only in the kurouchi types ) – I have a yanagiba 270 blue super Steel and performs very well, but now is …

Newly in Stock! Aogami Super Kurouchi Hammered Stylish Knives by Sakai Takayuki

We’re pleased to announce to you the beautiful Aogami Super Kurouchi Hammered series by Sakai Takayuki has newly in stock ! This Sakai Takayuki Aogami Super Clad Kurouchi series feature beautiful KUROUCHI(Black) Tsuchime finished texture with a core of Blue Paper Super (Aogami Super) Steel with a better hardness of approx.65 HRC, which provides excellent edge …

Almost the last in stock, the Legendary Shigeki Tanaka SG2 Damascus Slicers with Desert Ironwood Handle

Due to very limited inventory and their popularity, the legendary slicers by Shigeki Tanaka are expected sold out as soon as they got in stock. The Black Finished Beautiful Damascus Blades with Ironwood Handle must impress you & your loved one because of the extraordinarily sharper edge than all the other SG2 blades in the world.  …

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