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Yoshimi Kato MINAMO Beadily-Hammered R2 Chef’s Knives

Yoshimi Kato MINAMO series feature Beadily-hammered blades with a core of SG2 (Super Gold 2 or R2) Micro Carbide Powder Stainless Steel for professional with a hardness of approx. 63 HRC, which provides excellent rust resistance and a long-lasting edge. The stylish beadily-hammered texture attracts the attention of others and looks best in your kitchen. …

[Special for Left-handed] Sakai Takayuki ENTEN Arch-shaped Ginsan Damascus Sakimaru(Sashimi) Knives

The ENTEN Sakimaru Takohiki Sashimi Knife for Left-handed persons is our special order item, which features stylish Arched-shape with rare Ginsan Suminagashi-Damascus texture, which is forged and sharpened carefully one by one by skillful craftsmen in Sakai. Stylish Arched-Shape Ginsan Damascus Blade The combination of Ginsan stainless core & Damascus texture & Arched-shape is quite …

Shigeki Tanaka HABAKIRI SG2/R2 Damascus Knives with Ebony Handle

Shigeki Tanaka SG2 Damascus (HABAKIRI) Slicers with white-ringed Ebony Wood handle that represents high-status feature beautiful Damascus-patterned blades with a core of SG2 (Super Gold 2) micro carbide powder stainless steel, known as one of the hardest blade steel in the world, min.63 Rockwell scale(HRC). This Black-finished Japanese SG2 stainless steel is one of the …

Daisuke Nishida Shirogami No.1 Damascus Chef’s Knives with Special Custom Handles

Daisuke’s Damascus blades with special handles are made with an inner core of Yasuki’s traditional Hagane — Shiroko / White Paper No.1 Hard Steel, which has been widely used for a very long time in Japan — supportedly by a layer of softer persistent steel for an exceptionally sharp and smooth cutting experience. Of particular …

Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Traditional Chef Knife Series with Buffalo Tsuba Handle

The Kasumitogi series with Buffalo Tsuba by Sakai Takayuki is a reasonably priced line but a cut above the plastic tsuba version. This traditional forged knives are work well for first time users as well as more experienced chefs. It is made to put soft kitchen knife iron on Yasuki’s traditional Nihonko or Hagane — …

Yoshimi Kato R2 Black Damascus Chef Knives with Classic Urushi Lacquered Oak Handle

We’re pleased to introduce Yoshimi Kato SG2/R2 Damascus Knives with classic urushi lacquered oak handle. This series features beautiful Damascus-patterned blades with very hard R2 core, which provides excellent rust resistance and a long-lasting edge. The handle is made of Half Rounded Octagonal Oak Wood dyed Japanese Lacquered (Urushi) for beauty and durability. Mr. Yoshimi …

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