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Essential beautility, ISEYA knives

ISEYA brand by SETO Cutlery MFG Co.,Ltd. has been cultivated in the 800-year historical blade capital of SEKI city, Japan. The company was established in 1908, and they have been manufacturing and trading excellent knives more than 100 years.All the knives by SETO Cutlery have the sharp-durable edge made by careful forging and polishing by Japanese …

Daimonji Bonfire in Kyoto (Daimonji Gozan Okuribi)

The Daimonji Bonfire, or Daimonji Gozan Okuribi, is a traditional event and was held on the evening of August 16th in Kyoto JAPAN.Large Chinese characters and other motifs are drawn by fires on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the Kyoto Basin in the evening. It is a famous for evoking the image of a …

Stainless steel or High-carbon steel ?

An entry level sushi chef was looking for a sushi knife, Yanagiba,and asked which one he should pick up from our lineup for his job. “Sorry for disturbing,I see u have 2 types of sabun knife :high carbon stainless steel and high carbon steel MV…Can you please tell me what’s the difference between them? I …

How to handle an Aogami (Blue paper) Steel knife ?

Aogami or Blue paper steel is high-grade carbon steel, containing more Chrome and Tungsten than Shirogami or White paper steel. The blade made of Aogami has a very hard edge — HRC: 60~65 or higher — and long-term sharpness once you sharpen it rightly. When you use an Aogami kitchen knife, you can cut food …

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