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New! Fujiwara Kanefusa Kurouchi Damascus White Steel Chef Knives

Fujiwara Kanefusa WB Kurouchi Hamon Series has unique wavy Damascus pattern & Kurouchi finished surface on the blade, made to put soft kitchen knife iron on Yasuki’s traditional Nihonko or Hagane — Shiroko / White Paper No.2 Steel — which has been widely used for a very long time in Japan. The material makes extreme …

Back in stock! Sakai Takayuki ZANGETSU Mirrored Honyaki Stainless Sakimaru-Yanagiba Knives

This ZANGETSU “Honyaki” Mirrored version is forged and sharpened carefully one by one by skillful craftsmen in Sakai. The long blade shows its stylish arched shape, recreating the element of the traditional Japanese swords. Stylish Arched-Shape Mirror Honyaki Blade (390, 360, 330 & 300mm)   The honyaki (water quenched) version cannot be mass-produced. They are …

Yoshimi Kato Aogami Super Kurouchi Chef’s Knives with Elegant Karin Lump Handle

Yoshimi Kato Aogami Super KUROUCHI series feature beautiful Black finished texture with a core of Blue Paper Super (Aogami Super) Steel with a better hardness of approx.65 HRC, which provides excellent edge retention. The edge is specially formed like a clam (or HAMAGURI in Japanese), which shape helps release foods and cut smoothly. The octagonal …

Shigeki Tanaka Aogami No.2 Kurouchi Chef’s Gyuto Knives

The Shigeki Tanaka Aogami Kurouchi series feature beautiful KUROUCHI(Black finished) texture with a core of Blue Paper (Aogami or Aoko) No.2 Steel, known as prime high carbon steel, specifically developed for tools and knives. This material has highest wear resistance and toughness because of special hardness (hardness of 63-64 HRC). Very good choice for high …

Takeshi Saji VG10 Rainbow-Colored Damascus Chef Knives with Orange Antler Handle

Takeshi Saji Rainbow-colored VG10 Damascus series feature special blades with a core of VG-10 stainless steel cladded with multiple layers of rust-resistant stainless steel, brass and copper, which provides a long-lasting edge as well as its beautifulness and unique multi-metal-colored texture with custom-made feeling. The stylish handle of the knife is hand crafted out of …

New Yu Kurosaki SENKO-EI Stylish Shape R2 Chef Knives with Urushi Dark-Lacquered Handle

Yu Kurosaki SENKO-EI series feature its sharp-pointed shape – “EI (sharp)” or “EIJIN (sharp knife)” in Japanese. And the shining surface has unique hammered texture which conjures numerous fireworks, “SENKO”. The handles on these knives are Half Rounded Octagonal Oak wood darker-dyed Japanese Lacquered (Urushi) that recalls the images of Japanese WABI taste. The blade …

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