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[Customer complaint] My knife has gotten discolored after cutting fruits !

A customer gave us a complaint about a kind of rust on a kitchen knife, “Dear sir, I bought this knife from you and just started using it today to cut some mangoes. I was very surprised to see that the blade discolored (see pictures) and there was a grey liquid coming out. I tried …

Yoshimi Kato (KINTARO) Aogami Super Kurouchi Japanese Chef’s Knife available right now!

Yoshimi Kato Aogami Super Clad Stainless Kurouchi series feature beautiful KUROUCHI(Black finished) texture with a core of Blue Paper Super (Aogami Super) Steel with a better hardness of approx.65 HRC, which provides excellent edge retention. The edge is specially formed like a clam (or HAMAGURI in Japanese), which shape helps release foods and cut smoothly. …

MISONO, Japanese Excellent & Popular Knife Brand

You know, Misono is one of the most well-established knife producers of Japanese professional chef’s knives for decades in Seki-city of Japanese sword capital with 800 years tradition. Dragon Engraved Swedish High-Carbon Steel Knife Series Misono Swedish High-Carbon Steel DRAGON series come with an attractive engraving that makes these knives unique; very interesting and beautiful …

Sakai Takayuki Dedicatory Honyaki Water Quench Mirrored Yanagiba Knife KAGEUCHI / SHINUCHI

This Dedicatory Honyaki Water Quench Mirrored Honyaki series is one of the TOP line of Sakai Takayuki brand that has been cultivated through a long 600-year history by skilled craftsmen in Sakai, Japan. The beautifully textured crescent moons on the blade are made during Japanese traditional sword honyaki process by a skillful blacksmith. The mirror …

Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro Sword-like Ginsan Silver 3 Stainless Steel Japanese Sushi & Sashimi Knives

Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro Ginsan series feature beautiful sword-like blades with Ginsan or Silver paper (Gingami) No.3 Stainless Steel, made of fine Japanese Steel Company — Hitachi’s Special Stainless Steel — which has equivalent sharpness & edge retention to Carbon Steel. Ginsan Silver 3 Stainless Kiritsuke-Yanagiba Knife In the same way as traditional Japanese knives, skillful …

Shigeki Tanaka Arch-shaped “Hakata” Knives with Damascus Texture

The Shigeki Tanaka “HAKATA” knives have a traditional & stylish arched shape, that is said one of the legendary Japanese Santoku knives which were made at Hakata area in Kyushu, JAPAN long time ago. VG-10 Damascus Hakata Knife The VX-10 blade is made of Nickel Damascus-patterned blades with a core of VG-10 stainless steel for …

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