In the past, we introduced the article of “How to sharpen Double-Edged Knives“.
This time, you’re advised how to sharpen Double-Edged Knives by Mr. Ajioka, a traditional craftsman in the Japanese kitchen knife capital, Sakai.

He will teach you how to sharpen with Sakai method, “Sakai-Togi”. We guess that it is the first time for most of you to know the special way.

Double-Edged Knives are generally called “Ryo-ba” in Japanese. “Ryo” is the both side, and “ba” is the edge of blade.
Western style knives are mostly “ryo-ba” for right and left-handed persons.
In Japan, a lot of types of Western style knives are manufactured from Meiji-era, 19th century.
The representative Japanese ryo-ba blade is made of hagane in the core sandwiched by soft steel layers from the both side.
Its quality is now said the best, and have got more and more popular riding a wave of Japanese food spreading in the world.

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