Hello, I’m the shop owner of Japanese Kitchen Knives.

Do you know what a Kitchen Knife is called in Japan?

Of course “Hocho”, you know 🙂

The “Hocho”, Japanese Kithen Knives, are generally known by professional chefs as the most Razor-Sharp ones in the world.

In addition to that, they have gotten to known as a important part of Japanese culture with Excellent Design & Unparalleled Tradition. Therefore some people give a Japanese kitchen knife as a cool gift for their loved one.

I’d like to introduce some tips about the Hocho in this blog — its history, production, structure, recent interesting products and some topics to enjoy a part of Japanese Culture. If you get a better grasp, we couldn’t be happier.

You’re welcome to visit our Hocho-Knife online store any time.

See you and have a good day !

All the Hocho-Knife staff

“Hocho” represents Made-in-Japan (Sushi / Sashimi) Kitchen Knives,
that is the soul of the cook!