Oishii JAPAN, the ASEAN’s largest exhibition for Japanese cuisine “Washoku”, was held in Singapore from 22 until 24 October, 2015. 
Some of our important knife suppliers successfully ran booths with their Singapore dealers, because of recent popularity of Japanese food and its most important tool — sharp kitchen knives.

The exhibition’s website provides an excellent material to introduce the essence, style and form of “Washoku”,
The Washoku way

As you know, “Wa” means harmony and represents “Japan” itself since ancient times.
“Shoku” is food or to eat. The Washoku is not only Sashimi & Sushi but also daily meal for healthy life.
And Japanese people like a word, “Ishoku dougen”, that means “Food is Medicine”. So it’s important to add nutritional balance for long term in your life as well as to enjoy taste of food and visual effects of variety of dishes.
“Ichiju sensai” concept (refer to the page 11) is important for “Ishoku dougen”.

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