Some says, “One of the dream of the young chefs is to get the series of the Glestain knives.” It’s no longer a kitchen knife but a legend.

Glestain knives received an enormous amount of support from many professional chefs in the field of Western cuisine in Japan.
The name of “Glestain” might sound a name of a maker in Western country but it is an authentic Japanese brand.

The unique dimples on the surface apparently look different from those on the normal dimpled knives by other manufacturers. This enables you to thinly slice the fish and meat, as well as chop the vegetables, without sticking on the blade.

Norio Negishi, who is the cooking director of the prestigious hotel “Hotel Okura” at Tranomon in Tokyo, is one of the lovers of Glestain.

“First of all, the best thing about Glestain knives is solidness with quite enough durability.
Its sharpness remains effective for a longer time than others.”

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