Dear Friends and Customers,

Our hearts are broken for all of our friends around the globe, and the incredible strain it is putting on every person who are forced to stay at home & have to cook a meal by themselves as well as professional cooks having a hard time right now. 

(1) No delay for shipping and delivery to you
The team at continue operation at an area with minimal virus impact in Japan and we don’t anticipate any delays or disruptions for packing, shipping and delivery. Package delivery companies like FedEx and Japan post operate busily as usual. We are committed to providing best in class solutions to our customers as ever.

(2) Precautionary measures against COVID-19
We have taken numerous precautionary measures to keep our employees safe, complying with hand hygiene steps — daily health check, hand disinfection & gargling not to stop our operation even for a moment.

In addition to that, we first implement various hygiene steps for picking, checking and packing ordered items to cover whole shipping process, according to the dissertation Infection Control Measures against the new Coronavirus-induced Diseases” published by National Institution of Infectious Diseases.
These our actions are equivalent to those of food factories or warehouses — it is thought difficult to put such a necessary solution into practice in general cutlery warehouses because they don’t have enough knowledge, experience and facilities to meet hygiene requirements, but we already do prior to the other companies — We have a professional QA manager who have enough factory-operation experience for hygiene control in a major food production company in Japan.

Though we are sorry to say that we can not introduce all the actions for hygiene here, today we show you some basic steps with pictures — we do every single day without fail — sanitizing hands, picking through packing with mask, hair-cap & white coat to protect your order.

If you cook at home almost every day for the time being, now is the time to care for your cutlery and procure what’s missing in your kitchen, for more fulfilling indoor life.
We’re sure we completely provide enough safety against COVID-19 for our customers, your friends and important family. Please place an order of our cutlery items with 100% ease and reliance.

As always please contact us with any concerns and please take care of yourselves and each other.

Thank you and best regards,

Norimasa Kushida
Hocho-Knife General Manager