[updated on July 4, 2017]
We have to introduce the most famous festival in Japan, Gion Matsuri.
It has started on 1st July, and takes place over the entire month of July.

The Gion Matsuri is not only the most famous but also one of the oldest & greatest in Japan.
The origin is said a Goryoue or Mitamamatsuri (a religious service for the spirit of the dead) held in A.D.869, more than 1100 years ago. There are many different events, but the grand procession of floats (Yamahoko Junko) on July 17 is particularly spectacular.

You can watch the highlight of the festival through the following video.


Very enjoyable, are also the festive evenings preceding the procession (Yoiyama). From 2014, a second procession of floats was reintroduced on July 24 after a hiatus of 48 years.
The second procession features fewer and smaller floats than the one on July 17.

If you have a chance to come to Japan in July, we strongly recommend to see the festival.

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All the Hocho-Knife staff

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