ZANGETSU, arched-shape chef knife series, is forged and sharpened carefully one by one by skillful craftsmen in Sakai.
The long blade shows its stylish arched shape, recreating the element of the traditional Japanese swords.

Stylish Arched-Shape Blade (390mm)
This Ginsan or Silver paper (Gingami) No.3 Steel knives are made of fine Japanese Steel Company Hitachi’s Special Stainless Steel which makes similar sharpness, edge retention as Carbon Steel. Sharpness, Soft usage feeling and Unparalleled durability with Rust-resistance supported by the experience through long history.

Traditional Hand 

Arched Shape as Traditional Japanese Swords

Its stylish arched shape conjures up images of the traditional Japanese swords.

*** Please be noted that it may take a few months to restock if the item should not be available, because this series is made-to-order by skilled blacksmiths.

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All the Hocho-Knife staff
“Hocho” represents Made-in-Japan (Sushi / Sashimi) Kitchen Knives,
that is the soul of the cook!