What do you use to carry your kitchen knives?  Attache case, Knife bag, sheath(Saya) or others?

We’re pleased to introduce one of the better solution.

This knife roll pocket bag is designed by the Japanese popular kitchen knife manufacturer, TOJIRO Co., Ltd., to hold 5 knives to be rolled so that you can carry knives safely, and simple to use. In addition to that, it takes quite less space to be stored than than other type of knife bags.

The roll case is made of heavy canvas (thick cloth) so that it is much sturdy compared to the similar roll pocket products.
and it is not necessary to concern that something is needed to stop the knives from poking through the end of the pocket.
The knives will not penetrate the pocket unless a good amount of force is used.

( In case that you use another type of knife roll bag made of thin/normal cloth, you’d be required to use something like a knife sheath (saya cover) into the pockets of the bag to prevent easy penetration by the blade. It seems annoying and costly, doesn’t it? )

Therefore, the bag is highly recommended to bring your knives easily and safely.

[Product details]
Length and width : 545mm x 440mm
Max knife blade length : 240mm
Material : Heavy Canvas (thick & sturdy cloth)
Made in Japan (by TOJIRO)


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