Junya Kudo is a young sushi chef who received ONE MICHELIN STAR in his early thirties.
His sushi always makes even Japanese people much surprised, impressed and deeply moved as you can watch in the video.
What makes his sushi different ?

He spends much of his time seeking the best ingredients, and then carefully cook them with challenging technique with his excellent skill.
Though he has no experience to work under a sushi restaurant run by others, he have studied only from his father who runs a sushi restaurant at a suburb in Hokkaido, Japan.
The number of customers to the restaurant had decreased when he started working with his father.
He had decided to change all the things several years ago, made a lot of try and error, and begun getting his reputation among gourmets.
His effort to attract customers as well as to have gotten the MICHELIN STAR is thought to reach an almost unimaginable level.

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