We’re pleased to introduce the Sakai Takayuki “SANPOU” model has successfully debuted, an original & special brand named after the Sanpou Forging Factory of Aoki Hamono.

The SANPOU blade is made to put soft kitchen knife iron on Yasuki’s traditional Nihonko or Hagane — Shiroko / White Paper No.2 Steel — which has been widely used for a very long time in Japan. The material makes extreme sharpness, very good edge holding and high working hardness.

You can grind it to extreme sharpness, which it retains for a long time. The handle is made of Round-shaped mono wenge wood for beauty and durability.

The “SANPOU” means “Iron”, “Fire”, and “Water” which are the three treasures of knife making blacksmiths in Sakai, and the logo featuring these treasures is imprinted on the side of each knife as Sakai Takayuki DNA.

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Thank you for reading and best regards!

All the Hocho-Knife staff
“Hocho” represents Made-in-Japan (Sushi / Sashimi) Kitchen Knives,
that is the soul of the cook!