Tuna, called “Maguro” in Japanese, is the king in Sushi. Of course there are different type in Tuna tribe, and one the tastier and popular is a bluefin tuna or “Kuromaguro”. An adult fish of Kuromaguro normally grows up more than three meter long and 400 kg in weight, that is the biggest tuna in the sea around Japan.

This video introduces how to cut and cook tuna for sushi and sashimi, some Japanese kitchen knives dedicated for tuna, its long history in Japan and global restriction movement for natural resource Conservation.

Japan has been and is now challenging to farm tuna for a long time, and the KINDAI university has first succeeded in the complete aquaculture of tuna in 2002, and achieved its mass production in 2011 after a lot of try and error. 
The tuna farming is expected to both conserve fishery resources and secure the amount of the king of sushi in future.

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