Hiroshi Nakahara was a famed creative executive chef at Bond Street New York who received quite high point, 25 out of 30 at food category in ZAGAT SURVEY. 
New York media called him as an artist of Japanese food as well as a comedian!

Hiroshi originally came to NY in 1990, and joined forces with Jonathan Morr in 1997 to debut. with the opening of Bond Street New York. 
Around 25 years ago, you know, Japanese food was still not popular in the world. In such “pre-” cool Japan era, Hiroshi struggled to diffuse Japanese food. At one stage, he was advised by a French chef to make a sushi with french source not with soy source.
He created an innovative style of sushi and a delicious, health-conscious menu of dishes including the house specialties of Chilean seabass skewers, lobster tempura rolls with yellow tomato dressing and chive oil, and sesame crusted shrimp rolls with orange curry dijon.
Nakahara has relocated to Los Angeles from NY to serve as the executive chef leading a notable team including “Hot Chefs” Cesar Guevarra and Eric Gordon.

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