In March and until the beginning of April, an “Hinamatsuri” event was held in Sakai City, JAPAN. Many people visited, enjoyed watching the beautifully decorated hina dolls. Some said that hina dolls decorated with a historical knife forging factory was very beautiful. The event founder was the ex-factory owner who passed away one year ago.  Currently, his wife and daughter took over his will and the event.

“This hina dolls were made in Taisho era (1912-1926)”, explained Mrs. Mizuno Teruko. Also on the 2nd floor, many dolls were decorated which were the dolls of daughters and grandchildren.

Speaking of Sakai City, “Sakai Knives” which has 600 year history are very popular in the world.

The shop was founded in 1879. In the 1947, For Horyu-ji Temple (in Nara) rehabilitation, this forging factory forged a “shiho-mayoke-gama” or the four-way amulet sickle in the nine-wheeled five-story pagoda national treasure, based on the old formula of “wrought iron demon” in the temple of Horyuji.

Mr. Yasuyuki Mizuno was dedicated to work for promotion of Maide-in-Sakai knives to the world.
He said, “I will make use of this town houses and doll decoration”, struggling to manage the event every year.


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