Do you need kitchen knives which are hard to chip and hold the edge for long time ?

The features (to be hard to chip and hold the edge for long time) normally contradict the others such as sharpness and hardness of the blade.
So, it needs a certain balance to optimize your purpose.
(Please be noted that this article focuses on Traditional Japanese Knife Categories)

If you seek to achieve better blade which are hard to chip as well as sharpness and hardness,
we recommend you to select knives made of the following material,

<< White Paper Steel (Shirogami) >>

The white paper is very popular knife steel for high end Japanese cutlery and especially with Honyaki type blades.
It has very good edge holding, very high working hardness. This means you can grind it to exceptional sharpness, which it retains for a long time.
These blades are particularly suitable for the gentle preparation of foods – but they are prone to oxidation, which means rust.
In this case, we recommend some products for you as follows,

Tojiro Japanese-Style Shirogami White Hagane Steel Yanagiba(Sashimi) 240mm
Tojiro Japanese-Style Shirogami

Sabun Honkasumi Tamiashiro Steel [with Saya] Yanagiba(Sashimi) 240mm
Sabun Honkasumi Tamiashiro Steel

We hope the following article would be helpful for you.

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