Masahiro Co., Ltd. is one of the excellent kitchen knife manufacturers in Seki, at the middle of Japan.

Among the commercial kitchen knives especially for butcher, many support the Masahiro because of its high-quality and affordable price.
And Masahiro cutlery is known for its balance, flexibility and strength. The blades are specially crafted from their propriety steel and undergo multiple processes of treating, tempering and quenching for their unique and exceptional performance.

Masahiro MV-H Stainless (Honyaki)
Among the numerous ranges of knives produced by Masahiro, the MV-H (Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, Honyaki) range is the top of the line.
The MBS-26 (by Hitachi Metals) used in this series of knives is remarkably strong and yet does not chip easily.
This material is proprietary to Masahiro; however, it comes from the VG family like VG-10 that the Kasumi Damascus knives first used.
The MBS-26 stainless steel is treated by three stages of quenching, sub-zero treating and tempering until the steel reaches a hardness of 58-60 HRC.
Cutting edge is ground 80% on the right and 20% on the left for a tapered design that delivers a precise cut every time.
Masahiro believes this is the ideal hardness the for a kitchen knife with the features of the MV-H.

The handle is a composition plastic handle which is remarkably durable and is much more practical, very hygienic in daily use and longer lasting than a laminated wood handle.
It is a three rivet design and use a very wide full tang, almost as wide as the handles themselves, which results in an incredibly smooth rounded handle that feels great in your hand.

Masahiro Stainless Japanese-style
The series got awarded for the Good Design. The blade is made of the original stainless steel by Masahiro.
The handle is a compressed laminated wood that realizes improved durability and water resistance, by being impregnated with a resin and contained antimicrobial agent effective against such as Escherichia coli.
You can use a wide variety both for home and for professional cook.

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