Today, I’m writing an answer for a difficult question — How to re-sharpen a bread knife?

Some might recommend to use a stick-type sharpener, but it does not seem easy to sharpen properly all the waves at the knife blade by such a stick…


Therefore it is better to use whetstone (flat grinding stone) rather than the sharpener as follows,

(1) Hone only the back side of blade.

sharpen bread knife 1


(2) Put the back side of the knife flat on a whetstone, and grind the face until some burr appears in the edge of the blade.

sharpen bread knife 2

When the burr comes out, grind the blade on a finishing whetstone several times lightly so that sharpness will come back to some extent.

The movie might help you understand how to re-sharpen a bread knife though a grinding machine is used in the video instead of a whetstone.


We hope the above would assist you.
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