Make knife sharpening easier by getting the right whetstone.

The King Combination Stone “KDS” shown here has what you need to remove grinder marks and finish with a polished edge. Made from the same materials as the King Deluxe Whetstones, this item will give much better results than an oil stone.

The King KDS Whetstone utilizes a combination of 1000 Grit on one side to sharpen and smooth the blade while the other side is a 6000 grit for honing the blade. The convenience of having both sides allows for maintaining a sharp knife.

Combination Grit #1000 & #6000 for maintaining, refining, and polishing steel cutting edges
Dimensions of Stone: W207×D66×H36mm (W8.1xD2.6xH1.4 inches) — larger than that of King KW-65
Covered by Plastic Clear Case

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