Some customers asked us, “what is Double-edged and Single-edged blade?”

The general answer for the kitchen knives is as follows,

Double edged — sharpened on both left and right side of the blade
*mostly for left-and-right handed

      *sharpening balance …..  mostly 50:50,  sometimes 60:40
Single edged — sharpened on just one side of the blade surface
*for left or right handed

      *sharpening balance …..  100:0

Japanese style blades are often single-edged, and Western style blades are double edged except in some cases.
The information about the edge type is shown in almost all the item pages in the Hocho-Knife store.We’d appreciate it if you could access to check it.


Thank you for reading and best regards!


All the Hocho-Knife staff

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