MAMI FUJI is a world famous Ukiyo-e “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” called “NAMI FUJI” which is representative of Katushika Hokusai’s works. Takeshi Saji Makie-Art series feature Damascus-patterned blades with a core of Super Gold 2 Stainless Steel, or with a core of Blue Paper (Aogami) high-carbon steel with color metals such as brass and copper in clad. 

On the beautifully Japanese lacquered (Urushi-nuri) saya sheath and handle, the traditional decorative Maki-e artwork of MAMI FUJI is carefully hand-drawn by Master Kouichiro Tsukada.

The collaboration by the master blacksmith Takeshi Saji and the Maki-e master Kouichiro Tsukada is very unique to bring the masterpiece into creation successfully.

Saji has also released a custom handle version as the above.
Please be noted that these NAMI FUJI knives are very popular and extremely limited in stock.

[about Takeshi Saji]
Takeshi Saji is the leading blacksmith in Echizen. Saji was born in Takefu in 1948 in a family of second-generation smith. In 1992, he was officially certified as a “Traditional Master Craftsman” by the Japanese “Ministry of International Trade & Industry”.

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