Takeshi Saji’s Sakimaru Slier series feature beautiful R2 Damascus-patterned blades with stylish beautiful turquoise handle, enormously durable material that will last decades.

The surface of the blade is Diamond-finished to highlight the Damascus texture for more elegance.
The stylish handle of the knife is hand crafted out of blue & white turquoise, an odorless, clean, antibacterial and enormously durable material. It is so easy to grip and it’s weight is very well balanced.

Please be noted that the stock of Saji Knives is extremely limited. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

[about Takeshi Saji]

Takeshi Saji is the leading blacksmith in Echizen. Saji was born in Takefu in 1948 in a family of second-generation smith. In 1992, he was officially certified as a “Traditional Master Craftsman” by the Japanese “Ministry of International Trade & Industry”.

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