The Kanji-Gallery-Engraved Deba “Shushi-Ikkan” 360mm is gorgeously engraved with a lot of Kanji characters dedicated for Sushi, which is made for special and is only one single piece in our stock.

Hand-Engraved Epic Sushi-Kanji-Gallery on the Blade

The beautiful traditional picture or kanji characters on the blade is carefully hand-engraving by the skilled craftsperson, Michiko Kubota, who is one of the up-and-coming art-engraviners in Japan.

Large Deba Blade of “Sushi-Ikkan” 360mm for Special

The blade is made to put soft kitchen knife iron on Yasuki’s traditional Nihonko or Hagane which has been widely used for a very long time in Japan. The material makes extreme sharpness, very good edge holding and high working hardness. The Buffalo Tsuba equipped to the handle represents high-quality and excellent durability, that means made for professional originally.

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