This YASUGI knife series by MUNEAKI are creaated in collaboration with a designer as Tokyo Handicraft Certified Product, semi-order kitchen knives with blades and handles selected to suit the user’s taste and enjoy the sharpness and texture of the blade.

There are three types of blade finishes: “KUROUCHI & NASHIJI(Black & Pear skin finished)”, “NASHIJI(Pear skin finished)” and “MIGAKI(Hair-line finished)”. 


The handles are available in “Karin Lump”, “Japanese Zelkova”, and “Elliptic Rosewood”, which are rare and famous woods. You can choose your favorite combination, so you can enjoy the pleasure of using and selecting the right one.

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[ about Muneaki ]

The fourth generation MUNEAKI mastered the art of making Japanese swords and received the name of swordsmith “MUNEAKI”.
In 1928, the company Yaegashi Uchihamono Seisakusho was moved to its current location in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo.
Today, MUNEAKI the fourth is still adhering to the forging techniques inherited from the first generation, and forges blades by hand without using machines.
Their products are used by craftsmen in various fields, including the cutlery used in the restoration of the Nikko Shrine and Temple, a World Heritage site.

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