Miyazaki Kajiya TSUBAKI knife series have very keen & attractive feature, whichi is evolved out of the traditional “Hakata” knives in Fukuoka.

The blade features wild & beautiful KUROUCHI(Black finished) texture with a core of Blue Paper No.2 Steel — “Aoko” or Blue Paper (Aogami) Steel known as famous Yasugi prime high carbon steel — with highest wear resistance and toughness because of good hardness of 61-62 HRC. All of his blades are hand forged with pine charcoal and water quenched.

The round-shaped handle is made of magnolia, easy to grip and are comfortable in the hand, even through long hours of use. The Buffalo Tsuba equipped to the handle represents high-quality and excellent durability, that means made for professional originally.

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[about Haruki Miyazaki]

Haruki Miyazaki, one of the most promising blacksmiths at Goto islands (Nagasaki), JAPAN. He decided to become a blacksmith and worked under a master Toshio Ooba in Fukuoka when he was 18 years old. After 5 years of apprenticeship, he moved back to Goto islands and opened his own workshop “MIYAZAKI KAJIYA”, creating unique pieces that reflect his dedication to the art of knife-making.

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