The stylish kiritsuke gyuto joined Namishibuki(wave splash of the ocean) series of KANETSUNE which feature 101 Layer Damascus-patterned blades with a core of high speed powder hard stainless steel for professional. And the wood box becomes slimmer compared to the conventional ones.

The nicely finished blade by skilled craftsmen in Seki city provides excellent sharpness and better cutting performance as well as its beautifulness and unique damascus texture.

Speaking to the stylish handle, the Japanese-Style Black Octagonal figure fits better comfortably to your hand. The Red Micarta Rings equipped to the handle represents high-quality and excellent durability, that means made for professional originally.

The above picture is the conventional full version of Namishibuki, which includes a dedicated saya sheath. If you need the saya, the choice might be better than the slim version.

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