The Shojiro’s all-purpose kitchen knives are unique in shape, with blades made by the traditional Japanese “Sohi-zukuri” method and handles made of old-fashioned bamboo.

“Sohi-zukuri” is an ancient Japanese traditional method of making knives by beating heated iron without using a mold, and no two knives made by this method have the same shape, each of which is unique in the world. The method has been used in Japanese sword production since ancient times, and is in line with the manufacturing technology of Japanese swords. The blade sharpness itself as well as the longevity of the sharpness are the feature of knives made with the Sohi-zukuri.

The Yasugi steel is painstakingly forged by hand in its Sohi-zukuri process to increase its tenacity and strength, and then further beaten to shape the blade.
In addition, the bamboo handle not only creates an ancient Japanese taste, but is further waterproofed to make it extremely durable and resistant to water and dirt, and it fits so well in your hand that you cannot let it go.

The forged hammered blades are so strong that you can use them for decades if you sharpen them. We highly recommend you to try this one of the sharpest knives available, especially as a best gift because it can be used for a long time.

[about Shojiro]

Shojiro has its factory at Narita in Chiba Prefecture, and Yoichiro Ishizuka is the fifth generation of Shojiro. Going back in time, the first generation was a swordsmith.
The traditional manufacturing method, called “Sohi-zukuri,” originates from the Japanese sword-making technique, in which a blacksmith manipulates metal and fire to form the blade, which requires a high level of craftsmanship.Yoichiro also shapes the curves of his kitchen knives by hammering an iron block without using any mold at all. He creates blades that, once in the hands of a customer, they say, “I can’t use anything else anymore !”

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